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Creation as per Modern science and Vedic Texts

Modern Science

Big Bang Theory. Model described the evolution of the Universe in below steps

  1. Single Infinitesimally extremely high density atom
  2. Time starts and process begins
  3. Cause of the Big Bang unknown but may be triggered by an external agency.
  4. Inflation: Before 13.8 Billion years ago, a single zero volume atom with extreme high density and temperature caused a cosmic inflation
  5. It expanded and cooled and reheated again to form Elementary particles
  6. Continued to cool further to form Protons and neutrons.
  7. Formed Atoms,  molecules and ultimately matter, gas clouds, stars, galaxies, and other large structures
વૈદિક દર્શન

तमस्  અવસ્થાનું વર્ણન:

     સૃષ્ટિની તિરોભાવસ્થા:

  • नैव इह किञ्चन अग्रे आसीद् मृत्युनैव इदम् आवृतम् आसीद्, अशनायया. अशनाया हि मृत्युः. तद् मनो अकुरुत आत्मन्वी स्याम् इति (बृह. उप.१|१|१)
  • न असद् आसीद् नो सद् आसीत्...तमः आसीत् तमसा गूढम् (ऋक्. १०|११|१२९|१-३)
  • आसीद् इदं तमोभूतम् अप्रज्ञातम् अलक्षणम् अप्रतर्क्यम् अविज्ञेयं

Process of Self Replication starts:

The Supreme Unity out of his own bliss desires to become many to cause the evolution of Jagat which is purely to enjoy his own bliss.

  1. सोSकामयत एकोऽहं बहुस्यां प्रजायेय

      The Complex Unity of Infinite, conscious, Being is transformed into corresponding individual factors causing rise to 3 Gunas (Satva, Rajas, Tamas) in equilibrium called as together as Pradhana (પ્રધાન પ્રકૃતિ)

(      त् तत् त्रिगुणम् अव्यक्तं नित्यं सदसदात्मकम्| प्रधानं प्रकृतिं प्राहुर् अविशेषं विशेषवत् || (भाग. पु. ३-३-१०)

  1. Time Starts: प्रकृतेर् गुणसाम्यस्य निर्विशेषस्य मानवि! चेष्टा यतः स भगवान् ‘कालः’ इति उपलक्षितः (भाग. पु. ३-३-१७)

      The equilibrium of Pradhana is disturbed and gets imbalanced due to activity of that Supreme Being. This imbalance in gunas is caused by Time which is the manifestation of Primordial activity of the Supreme Being.

  1. Evolution of Motion (કર્મ) , Energy (સ્વભાવ) and Consciousness (પુરુષ)
  2. Evolution of Blueprint of the Universe:

Due to differences in the conductivity of Gunas due to the Imbalance caused by Time in Pradhana, the Purusha (the whole of consciousness) interacts with it and produces the blueprint of the Universe called as “Mahat”

दैवात् क्षुभितधर्मिण्यां स्वस्यां योनौ परः पुमान्|| आधत्त वीर्यं सा असूत महत् तत्वं हिरण्मयम् ||(भाग. पु. ३-३-१९)

પુરુષ ચૈતન્યરૂપી વીર્ય નું આધાન કરે છે ત્યારે તે પ્રકૃતિમાંથી મહત-તત્વ નો પ્રસવ થાય છે.

  1. Evolution of Universal Awareness:

Due to the accelerating force (કર્મ), Static force (સ્વભાવ) and Time (કાળ), the Matter and Conscious phenomena mingles with each other transforming their original qualities of BEING (ચેતના) and BECOMING (જડ) respectively giving rise to Active Conscious called as Mahat (મહત) i.e. Universal Awareness.

  1. Evolution of Self Awareness: From the Universal Awareness evolves the Self Awareness called as “Ahamkara” due to external force of Time, Karma and svabhav.
  2. Evolution of Elements from Self Awareness:

From the Self Awareness (અહંકાર) evolves subtle elements (તન્માત્રા), the 11 sense organs (જ્ઞાનેન્દ્રિય, કર્મેન્દ્રિય) including Mind (મન).

કાલ  (Time) Time is External and Internal both. Time is the expression of the Supreme being to do action. Time disturbed the equilibrium of Prakruti. Before Big bang, the matter was in equilibrium state and the trigger point to disturb this equilibrium is still unknown.  Vedant says the disturbance was caused by the primordial form of Time which is the actional expression of God.

Several theories about Time:

  1. Time is the interaction of Pure Matter and Consciousness
  2. Time is just a mental faculty internal to us useful in understanding any phenomena. Its subjective and doesn’t exist in reality outside of us.
  3. Time is objective and does exist outside of us.
  4. Time is the quality of Pure Consciousness when it becomes the doer by mingling with matter.
પ્રકૃતિ (Matter) Manifests from the Supreme. Creative, sustenance and De

An equilibrium of 3 forces (Satva, Rajas, and Tamas)

Becomes the Material cause of the Universe.

સત્વગુણ Oscillating Weak Force. High Conductivity of Consicousness. Results into Valid knowledge and Uni सर्वभूतेषु येनैकं भावमव्ययमीक्षते, अभिक्तं विभक्तेषु तज्ज्ञानं सात्विकं स्मृतम् (भ. गी. १८/२०)
રજોગુણ Strong Agile Force. Semi Conductivity
તમોગુણ Receding Negative force. No Conductivity

Science says building blocks of nature is quarks

Matter and Quality Matter is consolidated gross form of Quality and Quality if subtle form of Matter

Science says Matter is consolidated form of Energy and Energy is subtle form of Matter

Dimensions Direction is not a separate element but is in-built within the matter. All the elements of the matter has dimension Science says Only space has Dimension.