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Online Puṣṭi Youth Learning Series

There are many Puṣṭimārgīya youths living around the globe. These individuals are likely studying or working and busy with their day to day lives. Some of them are following Puṣṭimārga by learning true principles of Srī Vallabhācārya and/or doing sevā at their home with the guidance of an elderly family member. Likewise, some individuals are interested to learn true principles of Srī Vallabhācārya however they may not be able to get proper guidance or access to authentic study materials in english. Some of them may be trying to understand and learn through various sources, social medias or online groups/chats however unable to get access to authentic resources to learn about Puṣṭimārga and its philosophical aspects to culminate their beliefs and understanding. Most of the time, one sided communication without any discussion leads to frustration among youths. In an era of increasing social media presence, there are possibilities of information overload that leads to misinformation & fake information.

Disinformation is usually propagated by a specific ill-informed outsider group or even within the saṁpradāya. There are many instances of misinformation & disinformation about Puṣṭimārga, it’s principles and practices. Our youths may become vulnerable to such misinformation. It is very important to correctly analyze information and interpret information based on facts based on true principles and text written by Srī Vallabhācārya. Moreover, the younger generation tends to value logical thinking and have expressed interest in having their queries discussed through a similar perspective. This is a challenging situation for senior family members if they are not aware about the philosophical aspect of the saṁpradāya. Even with the knowledge about the philosophical aspect, some of them may not have ability to openly discuss queries logically. If youths are not satisfied with their queries on principles of Puṣṭimārga, they may not be interested to learn and practice Puṣṭimārgīya lifestyle. It is important for all of us to create a sustainable unbiased environment for youths to flourish, learn philosophical aspect of the saṁpradāya, believe in God and follow the true principles of Srī Vallabhācārya. This can be achieved by arranging a series of webinars, panel discussions, live Q&A sessions, debates and casual talks on various subjects ranging from science & religion, philosophy, history of Puṣṭimārga, theology, Vedantic systems, devotion etc. The “Online Puṣṭi Youth Learning Series” platform will provide opportunities to research/discuss various subjects, create study materials and enhance logical/philosophical understanding and build a strong foundation for the interested Puṣṭimārgīya youths!


To build a strong foundation for every Puṣṭimārgīya youths to learn, believe and follow the true and authentic principles of Srī Vallabhācārya


  • To create awareness among the youths to learn the philosophical aspect of Puṣṭimārga preached by Srī Vallabhācārya
  • To develop and refine study materials (documents, audio & visuals) to suit the learning needs of the Puṣṭimārgīya youths
  • Arrange a series of seminars/debates for the individuals aged 15 to 40.


The purpose of this program is to -

  • Bring youths together from around the world who have interests in learning true principles of Puṣṭimārga.
  • Create a platform for youths to discuss principles and practicality of the Puṣṭimārga.
  • Discuss questions related to saṁpradāya or any misconceptions that arise from other saṁpradāyas.
  • Develop a strong philosophical understanding of the Puṣṭimārga in context of other major saṁpradāyas.
  • Create an unbiased environment by embracing cognitive diversity and cultivating empathy through group work.
  • Understand importance of our vaidika culture and traditions.
  • Create study materials, presentations, short audio/video visuals for youths on Puṣṭimārga in english.


Online Webinars, live Q&A sessions, panel discussions will be arranged on various topics covering the following theme categories -

  • Science and Religion
  • History
  • Theology
  • Vedāntic Systems
  • Philosophy
  • Devotion
  • Ritualistic

Under each theme category, multiple session titles will be introduced to cover various topics.

Each session title will be covered under one of the following levels -

  • Series 100: Beginner level - No prior knowledge but interested to lean philosophical and practical aspect of the Puṣṭimārga.
  • Series 200: Intermediate level - Have some prior knowledge about philosophical and practical aspect of the Puṣṭimārga. however interested to develop strong philosophical understanding and implementation of Puṣṭimārga principles.
  • Series 300: Experts level - Have solid knowledge about true philosophical and practical aspect of the Puṣṭimārga, Vaidika scriptures and interested to guide/interact with the beginners and intermediate youths, create presentation/study materials, participate in panel discussion/debates or research topics.
  • Series 400: Research Level - Have solid knowledge about true philosophical and practical aspect of the Puṣṭimārga, ability to read/interpret, form and present their opinion.

Course design

How to register?

Interested participants must register and submit their details including contact information via this online registration link.Each register participant will get notification along with a brief introduction of the upcoming event including theme, series, session title, timing, presenter and delivery method. A zoom invitation will be sent to the registered participant. The presenter will provide 30 minutes presentation on the selected topics (session title) followed by Q & A session.

Past sessions

Theme Session title Session type Recording link
Science and Religion Puṣṭi youth learning series - Introduction Q/A and group discussion YouTube Video
Science and Religion What brings more objectivity: Science or Philosophy? - Part 1 Group discussion YouTube Video
Science and Religion What brings more objectivity: Science or Philosophy? - Part 2 Group discussion and Q/A YouTube Video
Science and Religion What brings more objectivity: Science or Philosophy? - Part 3 Group discussion and Q/A YouTube Video
Science and Religion What brings more objectivity: Science or Philosophy? - Conclusion Quiz and Conclusion YouTube Video
Validity of Knowledge Stages of Analyzing an Object Group discussion YouTube Video

Upcoming sessions